Trusted and Guaranteed

You should look for this label as an indication that you are buying local pigmeat.


The pigmeat supply chain within Northern Ireland is an important sub-sector of the agri-food supply chain and by buying the label you are supporting over 400 farming families and 2,000 local jobs.


But just as importantly, for the consumer, it guarantees that the meat you are buying is 100% Northern Ireland produced, governed by the highest animal welfare standards and quality production systems.


We are working with retailers across Northern Ireland, encouraging them to stock NI Assured Origin pork product so that they can be sure they are bringing their customers the best locally produced products.


So look for the label and buy it where you can. If you don't see it displayed then ask the store manager about their commitments to buying local produce.


Buying pork products that carry the Thank Goodness stamp means that you are buying guaranteed NI quality pork, and that you are also supporting the local agri-food economy.


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